macOS 10.15 Catalina Update

Apple released the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina update on October 7th 2019 which is compatible with all Macs that can run the previous operating system – macOS Mojave.

Mac updates are usually safe and easy to upgrade to straight away, however, due to some significant changes in Catalina, you may want to hold off upgrading until you’ve determined that the upgrade won’t prevent software you depend on from running.

With Catalina, Apple have finally dropped support for 32-bit apps (like they did with iOS 11 two years ago). Although macOS has been 64-bit for over a decade, not all third-party applications and drivers have been updated. Older versions of Photoshop and Microsoft Office for example, are not 64-bit, so upgrading to macOS Catalina for free could cost you money for upgrades to third-party applications.

MacOS Mojave started warning users when running 32-bit apps that they wouldn’t work on the next OS, but the warnings only appeared once the first time you ran an application on Mojave. If you want an easy way to check what applications you have that are still 32-bit and will need an upgrade or replacement, a free application called Go64 can check your system and let you know.

Don’t forget we can help upgrade your Mac and do pre-upgrade checks if you’d like. Just get in touch.