Google account verification changes from today

Starting on July 7, 2020, Google will make phone verification prompts the primary 2-Step Verification (2SV) method for all eligible users, unless they are already using security keys as their 2SV method of choice. This means that if you sign in to your Google account and are also signed in on a smartphone, you will … Read more

COVID-19 Payments /HMRC Email Scam

More scam emails relating to HMRC. They are getting more convincing, so you must give them greater scrutiny. This one requests repayment of granted funds. The easiest way to spot it is by checking the FULL return email address ( not just the name). Most emails I have from HMRC end with While it … Read more

macOS 10.15 Catalina Update

Apple released the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina update on October 7th 2019 which is compatible with all Macs that can run the previous operating system – macOS Mojave. Mac updates are usually safe and easy to upgrade to straight away, however, due to some significant changes in Catalina, you may want to hold off upgrading until … Read more

Fake Windows 10 Download Scam

For those who are still waiting for their copy of Windows 10 to download to their computers, be aware. There is an email scam currently running offering the update instantly. It comes as an attachment to an email (shown below). If you open the attachment a virus infection will be activated. This will scramble all of … Read more

Windows 10 download warning

Windows 10 has arrived, or at least it will do shortly… If you have clicked on the little white windows icon on your taskbar to reserve your free copy of windows 10, it will have started to, or very soon will automatically start to download to your computer for free.  Is that a problem? Generally … Read more

Computers for Schools

If you have any old computers, please donate them to this worthwhile cause. IT Schools Africa is registered with the Environment Agency and is fully WEEE compliant. Their latest video can be viewed at: For further information about IT Schools Africa, please visit our website: – A great way to recycle computers IT … Read more

eBay Hacked

It has been revealed that an eBay database was compromised sometime between late March and early April. As a matter of good security practice you should change your eBay password.  

Windows CLSID phone scam

I  have just heard from a friend who has had a 12 minute argument with a very pushy and rude PC scammer on the phone. The person on the phone said he worked for some UK government authorised company that gets alerts when people’s PCs get viruses and trojans. The friend argued with the scammer … Read more