Scam Alert – The Insolvency Service

If you receive an email supposedly from ‘The Insolvency Service’ as pictured, delete it immediately. Do not click on it. It is a scam.


For further information visit:


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Fake Windows 10 Download Scam

For those who are still waiting for their copy of Windows 10 to download to their computers, be aware. There is an email scam currently running offering the update instantly. It comes as an attachment to an email (shown below).


If you open the attachment a virus infection will be activated. This will scramble all of your personal files on the computer. They will then try and extort money from you to un-scramble them.

If you do receive this email, delete it immediately!

Full information can be found on the CISCO blog HERE

Image Credit CISCO.


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Windows 10 download warning

Windows 10 has arrived, or at least it will do shortly…
If you have clicked on the little white windows icon on your taskbar to reserve your free copy of windows 10, it will have started to, or very soon will automatically start to download to your computer for free. 
Is that a problem? Generally no, as most people are now on unlimited download tariffs. If you have a limited download allowance or a very slow broadband connection then you may have problems.
The installation file that is downloaded from Microsoft for Windows 10 (as reported to us by a customer) is a massive 6 GB. This is equivalent to 5 or more HD films. 
For people on a small or capped download allowance it will take a considerable chunk out of it. Some firms will charge extra if you go over your agreed limit. In addition to this it will take a considerable amount of time and slow your Internet experience down until it is complete.

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Computers for Schools

Computer Calm - IT Schools Africa May 2014

If you have any old computers, please donate them to this worthwhile cause.

IT Schools Africa is registered with the Environment Agency and is fully WEEE compliant.

Their latest video can be viewed at:

For further information about IT Schools Africa, please visit our website: – A great way to recycle computers

IT Schools Africa is a Company Limited by Guarantee no. 07611398.
Registered Charity no. 1146157. Patron: Jonathan Dimbleby

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eBay Hacked

It has been revealed that an eBay database was compromised sometime between late March and early April.

As a matter of good security practice you should change your eBay password.


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Windows CLSID phone scam

I  have just heard from a friend who has had a 12 minute argument with a very pushy and rude PC scammer on the phone. The person on the phone said he worked for some UK government authorised company that gets alerts when people’s PCs get viruses and trojans. The friend argued with the scammer over his bogus technical claims and inconsistencies in the information he had. The caller then tried to pass off the ‘Windows CLSID’ as some kind of proof that he had access to his computer. He eventually vanished after they pretended to write down this long hexadecimal CLSID code.

As is common with these types of scams, at some point they will try to get you to download some software that will allow them to access your computer directly. Don’t do it. If you have a problem with your computer then you will already know about it. No reputable company is going to give out your personal information to anyone else without your permission.

They will try and blind you with technical, jargon and quote names like Microsoft to try and persuade you. It is all a scam to get your money.

If you get one of these calls,  are in any doubt about the security of your computer, or have any other technical issues, the number to call is at the top of this page.

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Older generation getting more connected

Today I had the pleasure of assisting a very connected retiree. He had his calendar, email, etc. synchronised between multiple devices: Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. In addition to this I rectified an issue with the internet connection to his streaming On Demand TV service, which he is enjoying the benefits of.

If you would like a similar setup, we can help. Just contact us.

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Microsoft informs us you have problems with your PC

We receive regular reports of phone scammers pretending to be from Microsoft calling local numbers.

“Microsoft informs us you have problems with your computer” is the usual spiel.
They will probably call you several times.
It is all a scam.
Do not : let them connect to your computer, follow any if their instruction, or pay them any money.
Do : Put the phone down on them. Feel free to play dumb and waste as much of their time as possible. Current record is around 20mins. Lines like ‘my computer is slow to startup’, or ‘I don’t have that button on my computer’, are useful starters.

If you wish to get rid of them quickly try one of the following:
“What is an Internet?”, “I don’t have a computer”, “I’m using an iPad / tablet / Mac”, or most recently tested by a friend of mine “I’m using a Commodore 64”
That should get rid of them in no time.

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PC & Apple Mac using same printer

1 old Evesham Micros Windows PC + 1 New Apple Macbook Pro + 1 Fancy New Printer/Scanner, now all playing happily together.

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