Windows 10 download warning

Windows 10 has arrived, or at least it will do shortly…
If you have clicked on the little white windows icon on your taskbar to reserve your free copy of windows 10, it will have started to, or very soon will automatically start to download to your computer for free. 
Is that a problem? Generally no, as most people are now on unlimited download tariffs. If you have a limited download allowance or a very slow broadband connection then you may have problems.
The installation file that is downloaded from Microsoft for Windows 10 (as reported to us by a customer) is a massive 6 GB. This is equivalent to 5 or more HD films. 
For people on a small or capped download allowance it will take a considerable chunk out of it. Some firms will charge extra if you go over your agreed limit. In addition to this it will take a considerable amount of time and slow your Internet experience down until it is complete.