Windows CLSID phone scam

I  have just heard from a friend who has had a 12 minute argument with a very pushy and rude PC scammer on the phone. The person on the phone said he worked for some UK government authorised company that gets alerts when people’s PCs get viruses and trojans. The friend argued with the scammer over his bogus technical claims and inconsistencies in the information he had. The caller then tried to pass off the ‘Windows CLSID’ as some kind of proof that he had access to his computer. He eventually vanished after they pretended to write down this long hexadecimal CLSID code.

As is common with these types of scams, at some point they will try to get you to download some software that will allow them to access your computer directly. Don’t do it. If you have a problem with your computer then you will already know about it. No reputable company is going to give out your personal information to anyone else without your permission.

They will try and blind you with technical, jargon and quote names like Microsoft to try and persuade you. It is all a scam to get your money.

If you get one of these calls,  are in any doubt about the security of your computer, or have any other technical issues, the number to call is at the top of this page.