COVID-19 Payments /HMRC Email Scam

More scam emails relating to HMRC. They are getting more convincing, so you must give them greater scrutiny. This one requests repayment of granted funds. The easiest way to spot it is by checking the FULL return email address ( not just the name). Most emails I have from HMRC end with While it … Read more

Windows CLSID phone scam

I ┬áhave just heard from a friend who has had a 12 minute argument with a very pushy and rude PC scammer on the phone. The person on the phone said he worked for some UK government authorised company that gets alerts when people’s PCs get viruses and trojans. The friend argued with the scammer … Read more

Fake Police Virus / Ransomware

After almost a week of not seeing it… …the police virus / ransomware returns. Whatever you do, do not pay their demands. It is a scam. If you are not connected to the Internet, it may show up as a blank white screen. If you are unable to remove it. Call us. We can.