Older generation getting more connected

Today I had the pleasure of assisting a very connected retiree. He had his calendar, email, etc. synchronised between multiple devices: Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. In addition to this I rectified an issue with the internet connection to his streaming On Demand TV service, which he is enjoying the benefits of. If you would like … Read more

Where is my Windows 8 Start menu?

Have you got a Windows 8 computer? Are you missing the start menu? Try this: http://www.classicstart8.com/ Classic Start 8 | Free Classic Style Start Menu for Use with Windows® 8 | ClassicStart8.com www.classicstart8.com

Fake Police Virus / Ransomware

After almost a week of not seeing it… …the police virus / ransomware returns. Whatever you do, do not pay their demands. It is a scam. If you are not connected to the Internet, it may show up as a blank white screen. If you are unable to remove it. Call us. We can.

Another Apple MacBook Repaired

One Apple MacBook Pro. Friday – Dead on arrival. Monday morning – Back to life, and heading to university with one happy student. A great way to start the week. *** MACBOOK PHOTO *****